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David Whalley of St. Helier, Jersey C.I. GBR asks:
I am curious why you are taking the long way round and not transiting the Panama Canal on your voyage?

Scott Flanders of Egret responds:
David, I assume from your question is why we are taking the long way to New Zealand vs. the Panama Canal. If I am mistaken, please write back and I will answer that question.

The reason Egret is taking the long way around the S. American penninsula is simply to enjoy Chile. We feel Chile and the Chilean canals represent one of the last truly peaceful and exciting cruising areas left in the world. The remoteness and difficulty getting there will keep it that way for the foreseable future. There are areas along the way up and down the coasts that are interesting as well however the main thrust is Chile.

Thank you for your interest. Stay with Egret during her travels. We will try to give you through words what we see and feel.

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