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Don Cochrane, Burnsville, MN USA asks:
Please provide a list of equipment failures/problems/issues and solutions. I know this may entail "pages" but feel it may be helpful. I am about ready to call Nordhavn and send check for either a 47 or 55 footer...sweaty palms, heart racing, BP know the drill!!

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:
Don, we understand. In our case, and I'm sure like you, we did our homework. The actual handing over the check was an anticlimax. We have NEVER regretted our decision. NEVER!!

To answer your question, equipment failures have been practically non-existent and certainly nothing major. Egret's wing engine issue ingesting sea water is isolated to the N46 design solely. In every subsequent design this is not an issue. Egret's was not an engineering problem, but a combination of the anti-siphon valve sticking and very rough seas. Every other Nord model has a higher exhaust loop because of more freeboard. Other failures we experienced were:

1. 2-3 fresh water pumps. The FW pump heads have a finite life and are easily rebuildable by removing 4 screws. We have discarded only one, keeping 2 spares in stock, 1 new, 1 rebuilt. 2. Egret's master shower is below the waterline requiring an evacuation pump (which I don't believe this is true on any other Nord model.) We have replaced this once. 3. We replaced one magnet/impeller assembly in the pilothouse air conditioner pump. (4 screws, in and out with the exchange magnet assembly.)

4. We replaced one inverter, not because of its failure but we had the water line to the freezer come adrift and flood the inverter from above (very, very rare if ever before...inverters in the 47/55 are in an even safer place) 5. The Simrad wind speed/direction sender on top of the mast went bad. They replaced a $700 assembly for $75 after 6 years. 6. In the 1-14-08 VoE log, you can read about Egret's freezer and replacement battery issue. Essentially the freezer has a sticking switch and the batteries we added after delivery haven't lived up to their advertising (in my opinion). 7. We have replaced one of two watermaker membranes. 8. Routine maintenance: oil, filters, belts, bottom paint, zincs and so on.

We have dug pretty deep to come up with this list. We took delivery of Egret August 6th, 2001. She has taken care of us without fail all these years. The larger the boat the more complex systems become. I will say systems are much more reliable than even 6 years ago. Tings will always happen, but with basic knowledge of your boat and simple mechanics there is no reason to worry about issues. What may seem intimidating now will diminish over time and miles. Even after the first year you will look back at your old self and chuckle (with a bit of pride I might add). There are a lot of boaters out here, power and sail, doing exactly what we are doing. We ALL started with sweaty palms.

Also take a look at the 47 and 55 extensions (thus the 52 and 60). In my opinion the added length greatly adds to each boat giving more reach between seas as one advantage along with many others.

Good luck to you. Actually you make your own luck.

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