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Don Cochrane, Burnsville, MN USA asks:
Please detail your medical training in preparation for your cruise and detail what medical equipment and meds-both otc and perscription-you have on hand. Also--have you had any "issues" with bringing med's and medical equipt. into or out of the countries you visited so far. Have you had any communication/"issues" with countries you plan to visit re: meds and medical equipment?

Mary Flanders from Egret responds:
Don, my only medical training besides my previous life as a physical therapist and was attending CPR courses with Scott before the NAR. Before a trip we make sure we have any prescriptions filled for the duration. This is easier done outside the U.S. we found as we can buy them over the counter and for as many months as necessary. In the States of course, we only got a month's supply and even with a special "vacation" package we got two months. Shipping more to our destination or our port before we left would take time and could not guarantee arrival time. We have found that the same manufacturer was often available if we chose not to buy a generic . Despite the NAME, as you know drugs in the States are often outsourced to foreign manufacturers. Non-prescriptive meds are easily available in pharmacies where ever we have traveled. Scott and I fortunately enjoy good health. We do keep our vaccinations up to date and get annual physicals when we visit the States. We do not have a defibrillator on board nor IV equipment. We have the typical first aid kit with antibiotics, bandages, antiseptics, over the counter pain relievers,etc. I did get a prescription from our physician in the States for pain relief in case someone had an accident and needed pain meds until port, but the prescription is not a strong narcotic. No one has questioned what we brought in or took out as we traveled. When I went to a pharmacy (almost one on every corner) usually someone working there spoke English except Chile thus far. Despite that my Spanish is truly basic, we communicated easily with manufacture name, mg's,etc. I hope this is helpful to you. This works for us thus far and so we don't worry or dwell too much on 'what if's', and enjoy the trip.

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