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Dr. Edward W. Pearson, Palm Harbor, FL USA asks:
More of an expanded answer in agreement, as a fellow boater
and pilot I often get questioned when flying with other pilots / instructors why I like North Up while flying, and the answer is that boaters like it better for general course guidance and orientation.

For pilots, however, and especially under instrument conditions and on approaches the situational awareness and tight margins for error make course up a better choice as it relates much more quickly to what we see outside...It seems to take some getting used to , however, and I still prefer North Up :) 2 points for boaters vs pilots I suppose!

Continued safety and success on the wonderful adventures of Egret, our future escape to follow in your footprints will hopefully be sooner.

Best in health,

Dr Edward Pearson

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:
Sooner is much better than later. Sometimes later never seems to come around. We arrived Opua, New Zealand this morning SOONER than later. See how it works?

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