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Ellis Thorpe, Wellington, NZL asks:
Hi there I have been following very keenly your travels both on the website and through magazines. I am only 19 but would love to one day own a Nordhavn boat and travel but would be very interested in meeting you and seeing your boat and learning about your amazing travels. I live in Wellington NZ.

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:
Ellis, you have a lot of life to live before you head out in your Nordhavn. Can you imagine the availability of used Nords when it is Your Time? We plan to arrive Opua late October or early November. We'll stay for a short while then we'll move to Whangarei until at least the first of February. After that, we don't know for sure but we do plan to cruise down the east coast to South Island taking us past Wellington. You can follow our travels and meet any time you wish. We'll be happy to show Egret to you. Ciao.

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