Voyage of Egret Forums

Eva Drangsholt, Oslo, NORWAY asks:
What inspiration is gained from you! I read somewhere in your log about your experiences with water makers and their similarity to pool filtration equipment; in retrospect what water maker would you have bought today in view of durability, ease and cost of maintenance, (taste of water produced), etc? All the best from a blustery Norway, and I'll continue reading until my eyes water :-)

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:
Eva, we don't claim to be an expert on anything including watermakers so it is not our place to recommend a specific manfacturer or model. We all have different wants and needs. However, on the 1-22-08 Forum reply we addressed watermakers as we see them. What the bottom line there was simplicity is the key along with a few other important issues.

As we type these words we are making 100 liters of water per hour, doing laundry, and looking at the shoreline being lit up by the sun. If it is near Your Time you could be doing this as well off this Polynesian island in 4.1 knots of breeze...Thank you for the nice thoughts and take care of your eyes. Ciao.

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