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George, Alpharetta, GA USA asks:
What a wonderful trip and log! Thanks for your efforts. When you take trips ashore in the dink in the more isolated areas of your journey, do you rely entirely on the cruising guides you have referenced for any precautions regarding the local wildlife, snakes, etc.? Have you had any experiences that were concerning? Thanks again and have a great trip!

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:
George, This is the first time in Egret's travels we have had a real opportunity to hike overland in interesting and unpopulated areas. That will change as we move in time to the South Pacific and New Zealand with more opportunities. The cruising guide we touted a few days ago gives you all of the history, critter line drawings, and of course the cruising information. They make a statement that probably cannot be made anywhere else in the world: "There is no plant or animal here that will harm you." Every berry can be eaten. There are no snakes, poisonous spiders, lions, tigers or bears. There is no theft here. We leave the 'key' in the dink when we go ashore on a deserted shoreline. The biggest issue here is getting the dink stranded by the tide (we have). After one muddy episode we leave rubber sea boots in the dink for 'just in case'.

Our only scary experience is overeating Fuegan 'all you can eat' lamb cooked over a wood fire. The hot chocolate in Laguna Negra is a close second.

Its always a good trip mi amigo. Thanks.

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