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George, Alpharetta, GA USA asks:
Scott and Mary, Sorry you will miss the Miami Boat Show and break such a long standing tradition. I will be happy to trade places with you if the urge gets the best of you. Google Earth shows a nice little airport in Ushuaia for commuting. Please give us the details on the crab pot adventures. I expect you will get a pretty good haul. Last, really enjoy your humor. Would like to see postings of some of MA Steve's boat pics! All the best!

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:
George, We'll miss Miami but hope you will make it. Ten easy hours by car or a couple hours by air and you are there from Alpharetta. We made that reverse trip from Ft Lauderdale to near Alpharetta MANY times during our race car years running at Road Atlanta. Yes, Ushuaia has an airport connected by daily flights to Buenos Aires, then the rest of the world. However, we are very happy here. Thank you for the trade offer but we ain't stuped.

In the crab department we have now caught four including one this morning. When we had collected three we invited sailboat buddies over for crab and Mary's lentil stew. The legs are so spiky, if that is a word, we used heavy scissors to open them. They were great. We even had left overs. Just an hour ago I took a picture of this mornings crab and will post it in time. The crab trap is a homemade affair made from re-bar draped with heavy fishing netting. It is quite heavy AND must be dropped in no less than 60' of water. Soooo, we pull it just once a day, groan.

Unfortunately MA Steve isn't a photographer so we can't share pictures he took aboard Egret. As far as pictures OF MA Steve, we posted his pin up poster Cape Horn shot on a recent VofE. By putting out a notice for lady mariners to contact MAS it would be a disservice to MA Steve's peace and quiet to post any more pictures of him. I imagine by now MA Steve is ice fishing in Minn.

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