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Harry, Tanworth in Arden, WARWICKSHIRE GBR asks:
I have followed you with envy. I am a keen sports cruiser, too, and a Nordhavn 47 is my goal. Trying to convince my wife to do as you are doing is daunting. Can Mary give her view point on the quest, especially on through the night passages? Being so confined, does it help relationships? Facinated, Harry

Mary Flanders on board Egret responds:
Dear Harry, Thank you so much for your interest in Egret. You mention that presently you have a sports cruiser, but I'm not sure exactly what type of boat it is or its range, etc. My reasoning is that Scott and I have graduated from small fishing skiffs to our Nordhavn over the years. I was born and raised in the midwest of the U.S. and never, I repeat never, had experience in boats until I met my husband in Florida. I used to get ill in a moving car if you get my drift! Regardless, with all the experiences we've had thus far I now rarely feel motion sickness. We had a small trawler while we were still working, and Scott and I took an unheard of vacation of one month to the Bahamas. That was the real test. We did not have all the luxury of our Nordhavn and it was summertime and very hot, but we had a wonderful time. We've been married a long time. Since retirement of course we have been together constantly, and we have grown closer even more. Your dreamboat is not a small boat and there will be plenty of space for either of you to have a little solitude. A sense of humor is also invaluable as well as patience. Night watches are no different than day watches when offshore , in fact usually the sea is calmer the stars are out and it is quite tranquil. I do not enjoy night watches near land, fishing fleets, oil rigs, nor when a front comes through, but no one does and you just get used to it and develop confidence over time. It's a matter of watching the radar for targets and checking the chart plotter here and there. If I ever have a doubt about something I see, I am not proud...I will wake Scott to have him follow up if necessary. So please pass this on to the Mrs. that traveling in your little ship is adventurous and fascinating. You will become each other's best friend. Give and take is needed of course, but it is also the same for landlubbers.

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