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Jack, Tacoma, WA USA asks:
I follow your adventures and really enjoy your humor. You both are blessed to be able to see and experience some of the wonderful places on our great planet earth. Now for the question, did you ever solve the $$$@#&** problem with starting your wing engine?

Scott Flanders of Egret responds:
Jack, the quick answer is no to the wing question. We took the injectors to a Bosch shop to be pop tested or rebuilt. Because of our lack of more than basic Spanish and the shop owner's total lack of English we don't know if the injectors were a problem but I suspect they wern't. The wing didn't begin to start after putting them back in. After a call to Complete Yacht in Ft. Lauderdale (, a great Yanmar service and parts center, they suggested we take a look at the exhaust elbow. We have taken the elbow off & found massive scale rust from six years, but only about 200 engine hours (2 hours/month under load minimum). The assembly did pass water so we are waiting to get back to Ushuaia and a shop with a large vice to take apart the elbow/connecting nipple/engine exhaust casting. We have cleaned the assembly as best we can on board. The engine has fuel and compression so with our limited knowledge of diesels the wing should run if it can breathe. When we do get a resolution we will share the findings on a VofE so everyone can learn from our trials.

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