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James Mozley of Beaufort, SC USA asks:
My family and I have spent our lives wanting to buy a Nordhavn
and go to far off places. Personally I am very envious of you guys going around the world on your Nordhavn, but I hope the best of luck. The way things are looking right now, you probably won't make 80 days, haha. James

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:
James, Egret is simply following many others in our adventures. Ninety nine percent were under sail however there is a fast growing group of Nordhavn owners leaving our own wakes around the world. As we type this we have three aluminum, purpose built - take no prisoners, durable sailboats on three sides. Belgium, South African, and an Antigua registered boat. There are others here as well. They all have been by and are amazed we are even here. If they knew how easy it was for the Egret crew to get here they would die. When Egret shows up in Usuhuia, Arg (Usuhuia is the southern most real town in S. America) in three weeks or so they will really die. Maybe we should toss the dock lines in tee shirts and shorts after stepping out side our toasty little ship. (This, of course, is false bravado. We will pay the price for arriving in Usuhuia however it will be much more comfortable than our neighbors.)

Stay focused on your dream. Your day will come if you MAKE it come. Sooner is better than later.

Why on earth would we want to go around in 80 days? Why even eight years? We can't think of any single lifestyle more rewarding, can you? Ciao from Argentina.

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