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Jason Holt, London, United Kingdom, GBR asks:
Hi there. I'm just wondering how Insurance works when youre traveling around the world. For the boat, are there set procedures or things you nave to do with regards to youre insurance company?

Any advice or help with regards to this subject would be appreciated.

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:
Jason, this is a very good question. We tried a number of insurance companies to insure Egret for her trip to Argentina and Chile. This is not a normal cruising route. Many sailboaters forgo insurance because of its cost and availability for this challenging trip. To make a VERY long story short we were insured in just four days after submitting our application to Al Golden at International Marine Insurance Services, 800 541-4647, 001-410-827-3757. They have a policy called their 'Jackline Policy' that covers we wayward cruisers. The premium represents the risk, raising and lowering according to risk. We highly recommend Al and his group. They came through when all we tried failed.

After next year (07-08 insurance year) when Egret returns to more 'normal' cruising itineraries the premium will drop considerably.

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