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Jean-Louis, Cheshire, GBR asks:
Or congratulations in English. You made it and thank you again to help us building our dreams. Ushuaia is a special signification for French people because it was a very successful TV program about fantastic places all over the world. I keep reading your logs every day despite still running my business... but I have to save a few years in order to buy the ultimate boat :) Your experience is priceless, I think you should pack all your logs together and write a book!
Happy new year, Scott, Mary and Steve.

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:
Jean Louis,
Small world. We just opened an e-mail from a French couple we met in the Doninician Republic four years ago on a boat named Oe'. We visited them in la Roche suryon, France while wintering in Barcelona. They are building their new boat which will be finished in 14 months.

You have a great plan. Stay focused, keep saving. We hope you enjoy cruising when it is your time as we do. Writing a book would mean time and commitment. We enjoy what we do with Voyage of Egret however we certainly wouldn't want to lose any cruising time. We can not buy cruising time with proceeds from a book. It is a one-way trip mi amigo. We intend to enjoy every day.

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