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Jean-Louis, Burnsville, Macclesfield GBR asks:
Your story about Antoine made me smile! Being French I can tell you a bit more about him. Antoine is really a celebrity in France, where I think everyone knows him! He still comes back on TV regularly and yes, writes books and makes sucessfull videos about his numerous voyages.

A very nice person and not crazy at all! If I remember, he is receiving a
diploma form one the most prestigious universities in France. At the age
of 20 he made a series of songs, and was a huge success. He was the
first dressed with shirts with flowers and had long hair! A revolution and a scandal at the time :) I keep reading your log and enjoy it a lot.
Thanks for sharing your story, and take care.

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:
Jean-Louis, thank you for the Antoine update. When he visited Egret he mentioned he just got back from working a month in France. Perhaps he was filming or taping more music. He said we will be in Papeete about the same time so perhaps we'll be able to get together again but this time spend more time together. Antoine was very friendly and certainly a great sailor.
Yes, he still has wild hair but not too long these days.

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