Voyage of Egret Forums

Jeff McWhirter, Sterling, VA USA asks:
Like my folks (Bruce & Marie) I have enjoyed following your adventure. Could you provide the Long/Lat coordinates of your anchorage? Please have a Safe journey and I look forward to more VoE updates. I'm going to the store for Mahi Mahi :-)Thanks, and Happy New Year!

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:
Jeff, Bruce and Marie. Egret's position is S54 48.73 W68 18.11 We are anchored about 1/4 mile from the local yacht club and the same from the cruise ship pier. There is no wind at the moment and Egret is pointing north toward Ushuaia. It is 9:53pm local time and still very light. The mountains with snow are brillant in the background. They are barren at the top and wooded below with the town below that to the waterfront. Enjoy your mahi mahi. Egret's recipe for Mahi Mahi Islamorada is in the second issue of Circumnavigator Magazine available on PAE's website. Give that a try sometime. We'll keep writin'.

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