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Jeff Start, Christchurch, Canterbury NZL asks:
All the best for the new season from NZ. Just a quick question if i may ask. Apart from crab traps have you tried any other type of fishing in the southern waters of Chile, if so what have you been catching?
Thanks Jeff

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:
Jeff, Apart from the trout in Isla Navarino we haven't caught a single fish. Nor have we tried very hard. Last night, between wind blasts and rain I did cast a bonefish wiggle jig at some jumping baitfish. (I didn't see any large fish pushing them to the surface) So in the end I took a piece of pork chop fat, put it on the wiggle jig and soaked it on the bottom. This morning it was gone. Crabs, who knows.

Your fellow Kiwi, Kerry Mair on SV Vision (AK) is a REAL die hard fisherman. When his crew was visiting Cape Horn Kerry was drifting downwind deep jigging while tending to the boat. (You can't anchor at Cape Horn these days) To my knowledge all he has ever caught is small cod like fish.

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