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Jeff Start, Scottsdale, AZ asks:
Scott and Mary,
What a pleasure and privilege to follow such a fascinating adventure for two and one worth dreaming about and keeping the fire stoked for!

I was interested in knowing your thoughts and experiences with regard to two (2) person watch standing and what sort of safety considerations, insurance implications and any other somethingations might be relevant.

I appreciate you including of us all in your adventure of a lifetime.

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:
Mary and I stand 4 hour watches during the night at sea. I do 8PM until midnight, Mary the next 4 hours and I come on at 4. On my 4:00 watch I usually stay up until 10:00 or 11:00. When she gets up in the morning, whenever she wishes, and starts with breakfast I do the full engine room and boat checks. Mary takes the tough watch at night but this allows her to sleep in during the morning. During the day we have a loose watch schedule both napping on and off as we wish. It takes us about a day and a half to get acclimated, then we could go forever. After acclimation we are not tired and don't get tired from then on. We ENJOY being at sea.

One of the biggest contributors to problems at sea is fatigue. Two different sailboats were recently lost on South Pacific reefs when the captain tried to make a night entrance in less than optimum conditions. I guarantee you both captains knew better. They were exhausted and wanted to get the anchor down at all costs. They paid the price. Egret's motion at sea is soft. We have never pounded. The only noise is occasional wave slap. We would get tired on occasion in our old semi displacement trawler but aboard our twin engine offshore fishing boat about a half day of winter fishing is all you wanted. The bottom line here is, any boat used for long distance offshore travel MUST have a soft ride. Anything less is inviting fatigue with its occasional consequences.

Insurance hasn't been a problem for us. We use International Marine Insurance Corp, IMIS, Al Golden. The only disappointment came when IMIS couldn't get sufficient coverage for Egret to visit Antarctica. For the time being I don't think that will be a problem for you.

We're glad you enjoy VofE. If it helps get you out on the water our job is done. Then of course, you'll find out all these things we write about isn't magic. In time you will realize you are just like us and vice versa. Nothing more. At that point it just gets better and better.