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Jennifer Urban, Raleigh, NC asks:
Scott, Mary and Franko,
This here is Franko's daughter-in-law and favorite bow bunny, Jennifer. I am happy to hear that you guys are having such a fantastic time on your journey. I know that Franko must keep you all entertained in the open seas. First of all please tell Franko that his alma mater, Memphis, just barely missed winning the whole NCAA Tournament! They fought hard against Kansas but in the end had to settle for second.

Your pictures are absolutely amazing. I have learned so much from your captian's log and this forum. I can't beleive that I am some how related to such an amazing journey, through Franko of course. Please tell him how proud and excited I am for him.

So my question, are you going to punish Franko for not catching any real fish?? I think you should start wagering, he being a wagering man and all. Maybe a night in the dingy for whoever looses?

What do you guys do for fun on the open seas?

Much love from all of Franko's family. Once again we are all so proud of you guys for grasping this opportunity and I hope to meet you one day. Love,
Your favorite bow bunny, Jennifer and landlover, Michael

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:
Bow bunny & dirt dweller, not catching fish isn't Franko's fault. When we are in fish he'll catch fish. The Egret crew is a bit older than you as well as our entertainment choices. Conversation, reading, an occasional movie, sleeping and the business of running the boat occupy our time. Long distance cruising, at sea, is hard to describe. The longer we are at our at-sea routine the less we want to make landfall. It's peaceful with no distractions but routine and the beauty of the ocean. As we age peace becomes priceless vs. the busyness of youth. Our battles are fought and it's time for pleasure.

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