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Jerry, Papillion, NE asks:
Subject: N56
A few years ago you were discussing the perfect boat for you. Possibly a N 56ms without the mast and expensive prop; Your thoughts on the drawings of the new Nordhavn 56 drawings that were recently released.

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:
Jerry, as I reported in the last Voyage of Egret posting, my heart is with the proposed N49 which is the replacement for the N46. However, the new N56 was presented prior to that and I like it for a couple reasons. It is a small/large boat, the idea of twins with twin skegs is credible because of handling at sea. As a PNW, U.S. East Coast or Med boat, it is about perfect as presented for a couple with guests. We have a strong preference for a mid ship stateroom while at sea if wandering offshore is your ultimate goal. However, this boat is certainly small enough and will most likely be handled most of the time with just two aboard. If that is the case then the guest stateroom could be used as a sea berth and the forward stateroom while in the calm areas we mentioned. Also, while at sea the only time sleeping forward is not comfortable is in larger than usual head seas. The rest of the time it doesn't matter because with smaller head seas or wind on the beam or aft of the beam the ride is not an issue.

The other advantage to the new aft pilothouse design is you can carry a larger than usual tender for a 56' boat in addition to a smaller one on the foredeck.

Bottom line: The new aft pilothouse 56 would be my choice over the N56 motor sailor sans the stick.