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Jerry Damme, Papillion, NE asks:
Subject: Windows

In a number of your logs you mention thicker or double pane windows. From a Nordhavn view, are the N's windows not safe or is it for sound or temp. insulation?

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:
Jerry, it is for insulation in cold weather. When Mary is cooking in cold weather the glass gets condensation unless you open a window or door. We have two small 12V fans on either side of the pilothouse front glass we direct at the glass to clear or keep the glass clear. Double paning would eliminate the temperature differential as well as retaining heat from the diesel heater. We find most of our heat loss is thru the glass and particularly the pilothouse glass. We also leave the storm windows on full time. We find this helps retain heat as well as cool.

We have never had a heavy water strike on the pilothouse glass. The combination of Portuguese bridge, overhead brow and raked back glass would make it very difficult for water with any power to do damage. The glass strength is more than adequate.