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John Donohoe, Woodbridge, VA asks:
Subject: What I did Today
Scott, You as you close your log you frequently ask: "What did you do today." I
wanted to let you know like many of your silent followers, who can keep
silent no more, that today, after I read your log, I continued to plan for
my trip that you and your descriptive, inspirational, writings have helped
to encourage.

Why I have been primarily looking at Diesel Ducks, as I like the steel and
sail back up plan, I have learned a lot about provisioning, fuel
management and planning. I will be taking some weather courses soon and
now am about 4 years away from "my time".

Thanks to you and Mary for your efforts at keeping us informed about the
nitty-gritty details of the mainly good and sometimes frustrating life on



Scott Flanders from Egret responds:
Good luck to you and congratulations on you decision to go cruising. I only see one flaw in your plan. My time is such an important aspect of your liife it should be capitalized. My Time is more correct.