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John B. Gibson, San Antonio, TX USA asks:
Congratulations on your major milestone!!!! Appears you are frequently anchoring in very heavy winds. I was curious about what type of anchor you use?

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:
John, we are using a 110lb Turkish built version of the German Bugul anchor. There is a picture of one in Cruising World magazine, the Joel Potter (Amel Sailboats) ad in the back. What isn't clear in the picture is the 'roll bar' that turns the anchor over if it lands upside down. Last night we anchored in 55' with up to 46 knots and not less than 25 knots, 250' of chain, and didn't budge an inch all night or any other night. The anchor sets first time, every time. Inter-Yacht of Columbia, NC is the US importer of the German Bugul. (Sorry, no e-mail or web address in the PMM mention)

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