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Judson Browne, Atlanta, GA
Subject: New Paige
Questions: Hi Mary and Scott,
We have been following ya'all since the start. Thank you for your time. We are a few years out and are interested in the N60. We know you sail with New Paige a good bit, and I wonder how their experience has been on their N55. I know it's great, but it's tall etc, etc. I have not seen a contact for them, and if they wish not to be contacted- no prob. Your thoughts would be great if you have time.

Jud and Melissa

Scott Flanders on board Egret responds:
Jud and Melissa, New Paige is a beautiful boat. We spent many hours aboard and even lived aboard while Egret was on the hard. The captain's stateroom behind the pilothouse was perfect. We have traveled along side them but not with them. New Paige is somewhat unusual being a twin. She burns approximately 20% more fuel but she did make the crossing from the U.S. to the Marquesas so she will go anywhere you wish in a normal circumnavigation. Roger feels she tracks better in larger seas than the single. I'm not going to get into a discussion on the merits of singles vs twins because both are right and it is beyond my personal experience. I will say that Roger said if he had to build New Paige again he would opt for the 60 vs the 55. The 60 was not available when they built NP.

You have a creditable plan. All I will say is, a couple years out - or even one year out - would be better than a few years out. Or better yet, order the new boat to force yourselves into your new life. But that is just my opinion. Good luck.