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Kevin Barrass, Trull Taunton, GBR asks:
Looking at your last question and reply on fuel its worth noting that in Europe a gallon is 4.56 litres but the US gallon is considerably smaller at 3.8 litres. This means that the fuel burn looks worse than it is to anyone from Europe. We have just purchased Nordhavn N6224 (Tesla) currently in Seattle. We are moving her down to California/ Mexico this summer, starting 2nd week of July.

We live in the UK and will be using Tesla three times a year for periods of up to 2 months at a time until I can afford to retire. I have just sold a 63ft sailboat and have been sailing for 35 years. Looking forward to the easy life!!

Kevin & Anna Barrass

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:
Kevin & Anna,
Congratulations on buying a great boat. Mary and I spent three weeks aboard Autumn Wind, 62-19, helping to bring her from Virginia to Ft Lauderdale before the NAR. Her high bow moving water out of her way was impressive as well as the huge foredeck for dinghy storage.

Thanks for the EU gallon vs the US gallon. I didn't know. We'll make a mention in a coming log report about the difference.

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