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Kim Spencer, Auckland, NZ asks:

G'day Scott & Mary,
Really enjoying reading your 'trip reports'. I'm guessing that you have enough fuel to circumavigate NZ a couple of times but when it does come time to purchase diesel, do you (a) have an agent that arranges a volume discount. (b) ring around to find the best price yourselves or (c) rock into the closest marina and fill her up (d) none of the above.

Keep those great stories coming, I'm disappointed that you didn't get to Fiordland, guess you are as well !!

Best regards

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:

Kim, when Egret arrived in Opua we were given a GST (Goods and Services Tax) exemption as a foreign vessel. This government tax exemption is to encourage foreign vessels to purchase local marine goods and labor. This also allows Egret to purchase duty free fuel (minus GST) upon departure from New Zealand. Here in Nelson there is a fuel truck that services the larger fuel requirements of a power launch (powerboat).

In Egret's loooong term plans, Fiordland may not get a miss the next time. In cruising you have to pick and choose. We were enjoying Stewart Island so much we didn't want to leave unfinished business to rush off to Fiordland to enjoy ourselves there. In fishing we used to have a saying; you don't leave fish to find fish.