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Lee Poulin, Hamilton, NZL asks:
Scott and Mary, I've been following your travels since some you crossed the Atlantic heading westward. The journeys of yourselves and like-minded folks have set the wheels in my head a-spinning. Generally, my long-term dreams include a Nordhavn of my own (though my wife may take some convincing).

We have been in New Zealand for less than a month (we are from Alberta originally) and I was hoping to take the oppurtunity to see a Nordhavn firsthand. Actually, I'd love to see every Nordhavn that comes anywhere nearby.

I'm just wondering if you have any intention to drop anchor for a few days near Coromandel, Bay of Plenty (Tauranga maybe?) or to brave the west coast and see Raglan (the black sand is lovely, though quite hot on a sunny day). And... are you amenable to visitors?
(I rather hope so.)

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:
Lee, first thing, following in others' footsteps as we are. It will certainly change your life. We have been at it for 7 years and still feel we are just getting started.

This may be a bit premature but PAE is trying to put together a 'Welcome to New Zealand' low key get together in Auckland on Sauturday, January 17th. I don't know the times but everything will be announced on VofE. Egret will be there for sure and perhaps 2 other Nordhavns. See you soon, Scott & Mary

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