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Linda Sandbo, Beaufort, NC asks:
This is for Mary: we are about to purchase a 50 Cat. My husband has instructed me that I need to reserach food, medical, insurance, and read Chapman's book all the way through. Uh, what do you suggest? I think my marriage depends on this... lol just kidding... Where do I start? I'm not afraid of any challenges. He wants to sell it all and go cruising and that's OK. I just want to measure up. I have a strong background in the medical field, I can cook and make a meal out of most anything but need to know the things that I don't know...and yeah, that sounds silly, but what is it that I need to know that I don't know? I'm trying to put together medical, food, tech stuff... I'm a photographer on the side, have a 35+ year background in Medical.... Need to know what I need to know to get started..... HELP..... Linda
PS... I think we will have a tailless cat... Monkey Butt... ( he is more like a Dog than a Cat) I want to use this trip as an experince to send and possibly sell my photos. Any and all advice is welcome.... My hubby thinks I'm not up for it..... I WANT TO PROVE HIM WRONG!

Mary Flanders from Egret responds:
Dear Linda, congrats on your new purchase! There are many publications (books/magazines) out there with advice on cruiser prepardness for a number of things you mention. We still seek advice in one knows it all! Experience cruising in small steps first. You'll learn so much in just that practical application. Don't drive yourselves crazy gathering so much information in the beginning that you feel you are not ready to begin the LIFE. As your cruising life progresses further afield you will discard lots of info that may not apply to your type of cruising style. How to provision, how extensive a medical kit, how much insurance coverage (medical/boat), etc....these decisions are tailored to your needs. I confess, I never finished the Chapman book!! Our medical kit/training is minimal with just knowledge of CPR, available antibiotics, bandages,etc. I am not a gourmet cook! We stock more if our next trip is crossing an ocean otherwise we can always find a place to buy food. Everyone has to eat. If I can't find a particular product I just do without it. One needs to be flexible when you cruise far from the familiar. You don't need to be the most knowledgable, the most courageous or measure up! Just be flexible, travel when the weather is fine and enjoy the day. Specifically, we carry international health insurance that is only considered for catastrophic situations and has a large deductible. Because we are out of the U.S. more than six months a year (a requirement for this type) we go to local healthcare practitioners for the small stuff and pay out of pocket. Our carrier does cover the U.S. for the serious stuff if we wish to return. Our agent is Carlos Perez at Global Insurance Net (email They have several plans to suit. Our boat insurance is through Al Golden Jackline Policy of IMIS insurance service. They advertise in Passagemaker Magazine. So.....get the basics together and go for the weekend, or just around the corner from the marina. It doesn't matter. Your education really begins there. Hope this helps. Mary