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Linda Sandbo, Beaufort, NC asks:
Thanks Mary, your response was very "common sense" and take
it a step at a time. What about navigation? Charts? etc, is it better to learn from a book or just hands on experience? I'm not a good book learner.. I like to have hands on learning.. that's how I retain knowledge the best.
Thanks again.... Linda

Mary Flanders from Egret responds:
Linda, assuming you will be taking delivery on the east coast, you will purchase Chart Kits from Map Tech for paper charts. In addition you will have electronic software and charts. Navigation is simple and fun to learn in these enclosed areas. Also you will be starting short trips and in daylight you'll be able to see everything and how the 'little green boat' on your electronic navigation just follows along! Thousands of boaters in your area have started out just like you. Have fun.