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Linda Sandbo, Beaufort, NC asks:
Hi again Mary, one more question. I want my photography to be a major part of our voyage. How difficult is it to send images, etc that hilights your adventures? What do you suggest for external storage, and just how difficult is it to get your images ( which I love seeing) out? Do you have backup systems... cameras, pc's , all required equipment in duplicates? I remember reading how excited you both were waiting on your new Nikon... I'm a Canon girl.... I know, it's a Chevy -Ford thing... they are both excellent.. I just grew up with Canon.. My equipment is high end, and I have a really good eye for the shots. Thank you for responding to my questions and we wish you safety above all and a fantastic journey... hope our paths will cross!!! Linda

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:
Linda, Mary takes her own photos but I process and send them. If you want to set up your own website with photos, we can't help you. This is something we have never done and don't know how. We send two pictures greatly reduced via an Iridium satellite phone with each VofE report. This takes between 8-11 minutes at $1.00/minute. (We buy 3000 minutes at a time that are good for 2 years) We mail/Fed Ex photo CD's to our PAE contact in the States who picks her favorites and sends them off to the webmaster who puts them on the Nordhavn website. We back up our pictures with a CD copy plus a second file in an external hard drive. ( for Iridium phone software/weather, (Andy Cool) for ocens software and phones)

We don't have any Canon L series Nikon equivalent lenses if that is what you have. We use a combination of 'plastic fantastics' that work for us. In the future there are two Nikon pro lenses we would like to buy but that's another story.

I think the big thing for you is to get out on the water and just start doing it (cruising). You didn't get to the point where you are in photography overnight. Cruising is the same. Things will fall in place in due time. Thousands and thousands have gone to sea before you. Every single person started where you are now including ourselves. It isn't rocket science. What is important is you start slowly and expand your cruising in baby steps. Don't put yourself in a position to be scared witless when you aren't ready. As miles pass by situations that early on would have been a problem become routine. As time and miles go by the more comfortable and better you become.

Don't forget to stop by New Zealand when you're in the South Pacific. It's the best.