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Bruce & Marie McWhirter of Leesburg, VA USA asks:
Just wanted to let you know we have enjoyed reading about your
travels. We lived in Europe 5 years and visited some of the places by land that you visited by sea (Portovenere and other towns along the Cinque Terra). Did you make it to the Amalfi Coast / Sorrento / Capri? We wish you the best in your voyage and look forward to making a "virtual cruise" with you.

Scott Flanders of Egret responds:
Bruce and Marie, we are glad your are enjoying Egret's ramblings. We cruised the Amalfi coast this year and last. Capri has poor holding and the marina is one of the most expensive in the Med so we had to satisfy ourselves with a slow 'circumnavigation' of Capri both years but did not stop. Friends on Grey Pearl, 62 Nordhavn, did stop for a few days and enjoyed the stay. This year's Med cruise postings and pictures are available to peruse under Voyage of Egret Warm Up Cruise and in the photo gallery. We chronicled some fun days on the Amalfi coast.

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