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Subject: Thanks
Just a quick THANKS for keeping your Captain's Log going. Your love of life comes out in every sentence you write. It really does not matter to me where you go, I love to read about your adventures. Being a 'dirt dweller' who's wife does not want to 'go to sea', I have to get my salt from you. Keep up the great stories,photos and history lessons.
Thanks again,

Mike Bean
(fellow Nordhavn and Nikon fan)

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:
Michael, thank you for the kind words. Of course we must all love our lives because it is all we have. It is all attitude, nothing more.

Now for the important stuff. Tell you wife she doesn't have to go to sea but a nice small coastal cruiser would be nice. She could enjoy the water and the other cruisers with no waves, particularly since you live on the U.S. east coast where boating is easy and totally protected.