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Neville Morrin, Murwillumbah, AUS asks:
Subject: Missing the east coast!
Hello Scott and Mary. I know you can't go everywhere but to miss the east coast of Aus is like sailing past the U.S.A. and saying, "I wonder who lives there?" The Barrier reef and all along this coast is so beautiful & in my opinion is worth a look...and you're so close! Oh well, next time come and look us up.

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:
Neville, you are right. However, we can't do it all. Cruisers these days wanting to get to N. Europe from the Pacific have to either retrace their steps back across the Pacific, go thru the Panama Canal and on to Europe or take the unusual route of Egret. It would be very difficult for a sailboat (yacht) to go against the prevailing westerlies across the Great Australian Bight and on to Fremantle. The problem is the Somali's. The usual route from the Australian east coast up to Singapore, Thailand, Red Sea and so on is closed. If for no other reason, for boat insurance.

Our youngest son lives in Bangkok so there is a big incentive for us to go to Thailand. However, its not to be. So we'll stick to the plan and see what we can see.