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Peter, Auckland, NZL asks:
No question. Just one of our friends left NZ to cross the Southern Ocean some weeks ago and have just arrived in Puerto Montt so don't be surprised is a Kiwi says "hi" as we have been following your trip for some time. Best of luck and "see" you in New Zealand.

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:
Peter, does this boat look familar? Your friend Pete told us about you and wanting to perhaps replace your steel trawler with a Nordhavn. Pete also said he read a bit of VofE himself. That is quite a compliment from such a well traveled cruiser. Kevin Alcost, Pete's crewman for the Southern Ocean trip, has offered to help us when we land in Opua. We have met a number of Kiwis cruising. You guys are the best and one of Egret's main reasons for visiting New Zealand. Small world mi amigo.

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