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Peter, Auckland, NZL asks:
Glad to see you are on your way and all is well. One question concerning the additional fuel you have on board: How does this effect the stability and roll motion of Egret? Have you noticed anything or are the stabilizers just too good?

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:
Pete, deck fuel unquestionably affects our roll motion and stability. We have to be careful with the additional high weight. Adding this extra fuel is something we loathe to do but is necessary for this particular trip. We don't foresee having to use fuel bladders for any upcoming destinations beyond Tahiti. We certainly wouldn't have bought bladders for a traditional circumnavigation. To answer your question the roll period is longer and more pronounced. In Egret's case the most critical fuel bladder to empty first is the 100 gallon (380 ltr) cockpit bladder. With Egret's rounded stern we don't have the buoyancy of the newer rectangular sterns that carry more weight. We sink our generator and wing exhaust under the water. Fortunately at this writing we have emptied the cockpit bladder and balance has improved already. With 150 gallons of foredeck fuel along with the 45 gallons behind the Portuguese bridge we have to be careful in large beam seas. Virtually every boat design is a compromise in one way or another. Egret is VERY fuel efficient but comes at a cost of space and load carrying ability.

Egret's upgrade of her Naiad stabilizers from the older hydraulic triggers to the new Multi Sea II system has made a huge difference in stabilization. The Naiads coupled with the emergency backup paravanes and a few sea miles allow us to feel comfortable doing what we are doing with the extra fuel.

Perhaps we'll meet you and Hobo in New Zealand.

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