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Peter Fields, Sydney, NSW AUS asks:
I'm following your doings with great interest and some nostalgia. Sailed there with two others in the summer of 77-78 in a 47' sloop from Auckland via Cape Horn ...which we later scuba-dived....then your course almost the same except for a Magellan sortie to Punta Arenas.
Also dived a wreck in the canals and searched for the "Wager" at Isla Wager. Wish we had your nav.gear. Ours was a sextant, two Seiko watches, paper charts and no (storm wrecked) radio. Re : Cabo Raper. We ran into (March) fog north of there near Boca de Guafo trying to enter the island chain. No radar, much sphincter puckering. In my dictionary Raper translates as rape. Cape Rape...good description.

Mucho suerte and a great trip.

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:
Peter, quite an adventure. Your threesome did it the hard way. It is a bit easier today by powerboat with our 'stuff'. With the far majority of days being overcast it must have been difficult getting your fix. The weather is still here however. Currently we are sitting and rocking as I'm sure you did during your trip waiting on weather. We have cleared the cape but not the peninsula (Taitao). Like you, I don't think we will ever forget this journey to the Deep South. Thanks for the note.

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