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Peter Fields, Sydney, AUS asks:
I read in your March 10 post that you're heading for Robinson Crusoe Island. You'll love it, a most spectacular place and loaded with history . Look up Alexander Selkirk, the original Crusoe and check the history of the World War 1 German cruiser Dresden...sunk in Cumberland Bay in 1915.

The island was a pirate hideout for years as well. Unfortunately the site which had my full story about our sojourn and diving(e-nekton) is down but I've a few pix of the island on (no longer active) Have a good crossing and you'll love the clear blue water after the green Humboldt.

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:
Peter, we have studied the history for Robinson Crusoe Island an it is
indeed iInteresting, as you say. It won't be too long and we'll be there.
Can't wait.

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