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Peter Mueller of Cambridge, GBR asks:
Goodness me, first a Frenchman from Cheshire and now a German using (or should that be 'abusing'?!) the beautiful French language. This is just to thank you, like so many others, for sharing your wonderful experiences with us. I came across Nordhavn by chance when summer weather and a boating magazine my father sent to me rekindled my love of boats. Ever since, I have been following the latest developments, the progress of Ken and Roberta Williams's 68, and now your epic voyage.

Only a few weeks ago I was privileged to come on board a 40/II at the Southampton Boat Show by courtesy of Philip Roach, the representative for Europe. Now it is clear that they truly stand out from the rest.

Lots of fun, good luck and calm seas,
Peter Mueller

Scott Flanders of Egret responds:
Peter, thank you for your encouragement to the Egret crew. We're not sure about this being an "epic" voyage. Egret is simply following in the big footsteps of others. What it is to the Egret crew is a challenging voyage of personal discovery. It is great fun for us to write about things to help and entertain others plus it makes the watch fly by.

You are right about the Ken and Roberta Williams' new Nordhavn 68. They will have a very special boat. The Nordhavn folks build what we call 'the real deal', Egret's highest honor.

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