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Peter Sheppard, Melbourne, AUS asks:
I am an Aussie N55 owner and plan to be in Tazzie this coming Feb (which is the best time to be there incidently) I was there last year and loved it so much, that I joined the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania in Hobart and will be in the bi annual Van Diemans Land circumnavigation rally in February with 39 other boats. The locals tell me this rally is the ultimate way to see Tazzie as we go to where the locals take us, and many of them are current and ex professional fisho's. The rally lasts 6 weeks and I expect that we will become very intimate with this absolutely beautiful and scenic island brimming with crayfish, mussells, abalone, scallops, salmon, and my favourite, Stripy Trumpeter. Also the Tazzie people are extremely friendly. Berthed at the YC marina last year two old codgers went past SKIE in an old restored cray boat when I overheard one of them say about my boat, "I wouldn't want to go to sea in that!" I waited until they returned and I preached the gospel in no uncertain terms. I told them to go to the Nordhavn site and read Egret's story. I will seek them out when I get there and see if they have found religion. I am expecting Myah to be down there then, but not sure he want's to do the Rally. Any info you want if you get down I am only too happy to oblige with the best knowledge and experience I can offer. I can also tell you about my entry in next years Sailindonesia rally held over 3 months. This rally will show you 10 times more than you would see on your own I'm told. It is a floating cultural festival, without some hassles you can find in Indonesia as it is sponsored by the Ministry of tourism. This is my stepping off point for the Med via SE Asia, Sri Lanka, India, Maldives then NW via the Red Sea. Regards,

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:
Peter, thanks much for the local Taz info as well as Indonesia. I know Myah plans to participate in the Indonesia rally. Taz is certainly on our list. Virtually every yachtie we have spoken to that has visited Taz all have the same great stories. Good luck with SKIE and your travels.

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