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Peter B. Voss of Krumbach, Bavaria DEU asks:
Hi Scott and Mary, Congratulations for rounding Cape Horn with your NH 46. In the forum I follow your very fast communication via internet. Do you have a satellite communication on board? What are your hardware and software? When I am on the Swan 62, we go via short-wave into the "sea-mail" internet communication program; but this is very slow and limited. With which weather program do you work? I will discuss some questions with NH-staff on our exhibition "boot" this Friday for installation on a new NH.
Best regards, Peter

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:
Peter, Congratulations on ordering a new Nordhavn. Your Swan is a great boat but you will see how comfortable your new Nordhavn will be and easy to make passages.

We use an Iridium satellite phone and Ocens software for e-mail. ( Ocens also has an excellent weather program. We bought a second Iridium phone for back up because weather, e-mail and phone calls from remote places are vital in this part of the world. If you order an Iridium phone be sure and install a permanent mount antenna. We used the hand held antenna to start with with so so results. With the permanent mount antenna reception comes through every time, on time.

We used our SSB with Sailmail for years and still keep it as a back-up however it is a very distant second to Iridium.

Egret does not have internet access. There are a number of ways to get internet access however it is beyond our expertise to give advice.
Congratulations again.

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