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Peter B. Voss of Krumbach, Bavaria DEU asks:
Thanks for all your very clear information on the technical side of the
boat, the country and people. For me, it is nice to read the comments about the technical problems and the solutions. Do you communicate emails via ssb (short wave) and what are your expiriences? Is it a must to have the licence for ssb? I am in contact with NH for the 40/II or 43, but now I am not 100% sure than my wife are angry to go on the atlantic with a small boat. I love the high sea with the sailboat (35.000NM), but I was never on a motorboat in big waves. Do you heard something about 40 or 43? What are the big different points? I am 65 years old and I am not surely is it right to switch to a motor yacht...? It will be nice to have your comments about my questions?
All the best,

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:
Peter, good to hear from you again. We have a SSB on board Egret. For us it has been a source of aggravation but saying that, most long distance cruising sailboats use it regularly with good results. In my opinion you can buy an Iridium phone, and a spare as we did using Ocens e-mail and weather software for about the same amount. Egret's Iridium phone works every time without regard to radio propagation. Ocen's weather service is excellent. ( You do not need a license for a SSB. For using the additional ham SSB frequencies there is no longer a requirement for taking the Morse code portion. It is now a multiple choice question application.

I remember you have or had a quality brand sailboat. A stabilized powerboat on the ocean is an entirely different motion. You are inside ALL the time and comfortable. With your sea miles transition to a powerboat in big waves is not an issue. All you do is simply match your speed to the conditions. If in extremely large seas you will have to change direction for the duration of the storm to be comfortable just like your sailboat.

I have to be careful here in choosing boats not to offend anyone. The new 40II is a better boat than the original 40 with its enlarged pilot house and other features. I believe for going offshore the 43 has some distinct advantages. Longer waterline for more speed, a midship master stateroom vs a forward stateroom, a larger engine room, more storage AND 1200 gallons of fuel vs 940 for a 40. (We would kill for the 43's extra 200 gallons vs Egret's 1000 gallons) Both are good boats built to the same standards.

Age has nothing to do with it. In fact, if anything age IS the reason to switch to power. Power is so much easier. As far as your wife enjoying power tell her there is life after 12 degrees (of heel underway). She will actually be able to walk around the boat with no tilt. The stove/oven is NOT gimbaled. It doesn't NEED to be. Don't forget about the washer/dryer, etc. On watch under way all you do is watch the radar and scan the instruments. NO sail changes, etc. She'll see.

Good luck to you. Fair winds.

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