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Peter B. Voss, Krumbach, Bavaria DEU asks:
Hi Scott and Mary,
Thank you very much for the detailed informations about your tour over the last 1 1/2 years.

Q1-Which electrical parts do you have installed to handle the
electrical power in the Med with 220V/50Hz?

Q2-Do you recommended an US equipped boat and sail it in the EU?

Q3-do you have now the Nikon D300 with 18-200? You make nice photos in the log.

All the best for you, Peter

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:
Peter, good to hear from you again. Egret has a 12kw isolation transformer, a disconnect circuit breaker to turn off the 60 cycle inverter battery charger when using 50 hertz shore power, and a separate circuit breaker for a stand alone 50 amp, 50/60 cycle battery charger. The 50 amp battery charger is marginal at best. 100 amps would be much better. Our shore power cable has a US, Hubbell 50 amp, 220V female shore power plug, 25 meters of EU wire and the typical 16 or 30 amp EU blue, three prong male plugs for the dock. Egret's refrigeration, TV, DVD players and appliances are 115V and run off the inverter. The washer and dryer run on 220V 60 cycle (US/Canada shorepower or generator only...except Brazil who is 60 cycle as well)). Our reverse cycle air conditioning runs on 50 or 60 cycle. In the Med we found reverse cycle heat more efficient than any other heating source.

If you are going to spend most of your cruising years in the US and Canada the US electrical system and the modifications we made would be best. As far as a 50 cycle boat for EU cruising vs a 60 cycle boat with Egret's modifications for EU cruising it is beyond my personal expertise to give advise along these lines. I will say we had no trouble at all in the EU with our US wired boat and its modifications. I do know it is very difficult to resell a 50 cycle boat in the US, however with the demise of the US dollar and the strength of the Euro there is now a very strong EU resale market when the time comes if you were to build a 50 cycle boat and sell it in the EU.

Yes we have the D300 Nikon with a Nikon 18-200VR (vibration reduced) lense. It is a great package). I will say the camera is not intuitive and simple to use. If you have previous experience with a Nikon it is much easier. Unfortunately you only get to see a greatly reduced version of the 12 million pixel original photographs. Pictures posted on the, VofE website have much higher resolution but still are greatly reduced. I wish we could offer VofE readers full resolution but it is not to be.

Good luck to you and hopefully your new little white fiberglass ship.

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