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Peter B. Voss, Bavarian, DEU asks:
Hi Scott and Mary,
I read in the last Forum about "fuel bladders" and I don't understand
this word. Is this a part of bacteria in the fuel? I think it is very
important to have cleaen fuel, and red in your log book, that it is
not 100% sure to get the right fuel worlwide. How do you make sure by
filling the fuel tanks, that you get the right fuel?
Thanks, Peter

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:

Peter, fuel bladders are inflatable rubber fuel tanks for storing extra fuel on deck. We have been able to get clean fuel everywhere we have been but you must be cautious. While in the Dominician Republic we ordered fuel from a local to be delivered in small containers. As a precaution we used a Baja filter, a metal filter with three fine mesh strainers, and caught a lot of debris in the flter. Other than that we have received clean fuel in our travels thus far. We make an effort in out of the way places to buy fuel where local fishing boats buy their fuel. I don't think local fishermen would put up with dirty fuel from another local.