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Peter B. Voss, Bavarian, DEU asks:
Hi Mary and Scott,
thanks for all your information and Photos along the last years with your boat around the world.
If I read all the memos in your logbook, I will say you both are the professions! Thanks..
Your last log dated 07 Feb.2011 you wrote, that you are around the 11th Feb. in Las Palmas. What are your next plans? Are you going north to the north sea or Baltic, or start you to the Azores - Bermuda - USA? I love the NH 40/43 boats, but for us -as Europeans- are the second hand boats to expensive with the tax, transport and additional CE classification.
What is your opinion to have the 110V/60Hz(US) vs. 220V/50Hz in Europe? I wish you all the best and a good fly to the Miami Boat Show. Peter

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:

Scott Flanders on board Egret responds: Hello again Peter. Long time, no hear. Egret is a U.S. 115V/60Hz boat. By adding an isolation transformer and a dedicated 50/60 cycle battery charger you may cruise anywhere in the world you wish. Egret has a 12kw isolation transformer and a Victron 100 amp, 50/60 cycle battery charger. The Victron 50/60 cycle battery charger is on a separate circuit breaker and the battery charger in the inverter/charger is on a separate circuit breaker. So when on 50 cycle service like most places but the U.S. or Canada we turn off the battery charger in the inverter. We have 2 shore power cords. One for U.S. 60 cycle and a second, 25 meter cord with the typical 3 pin European plug mated to a U.S. plug at the boat end. This system has worked well everywhere in Egret's travels.

With the U.S. market downturn plus the sterngth of the Euro, there are good buys in the U.S. brokerage market. I believe Nordhavn's for some years are automatically built to CE certification but without internet access just now you would have to check yourself or with your broker. Also something to consider, if you buy on the U.S. East Coast there is very good cruising up and down the coast as well as the Bahamas. You could follow the sun north and south by the season as many people do. When you decide to return the boat to Europe is will be even older and it's VAT value less.

Once Mary and I return to Las Palmas, Egret will continue to Gibraltar and into the Mediterranean for at least two years, perhaps longer. After the Mediterranean we plan to slowly work our way to Northern Europe. Once we leave Europe I believe it will be for the last time and we ourselves will cruise the U.S. East Coast, Bahamas and Nova Scotia following the sun.

Good luck to you.