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Phil Sager, Winnipeg, CAN asks:

Subject: Loose Screw
Scott, I hate to say this but I think you have a screw
loose. If you look just above where the red and black wires come out
of the dc pump motor in your pump picture it looks as though there is
a screw coming loose. Or, maybe I'm all wet.

Love your VofE. Thanks. Phi

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:

Mary just told me that I have a screw loose. The wench.

You are right. When I checked it it there was a loose screw holding the air conditioning sea strainer in place. That is no biggie because the strainer really can't move. However, you helped more than you think. We have been circulating fuel the past two days thru the circ filter preparing to leave. One valve on the return line has a dry packing and has been weeping fuel.

Thanks heaps (as they say in Oz). S.