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Reed and Judy Jopling, Pescara, Abruzzo ITA asks:
We love reading your cruising notes but lately we're wondering if you're being a little hard on the sailboat people. Sailboats are among the best cruisers in the world and we also shouldn't forget that not everyone can afford a Nordhavn even if they wanted it. Some people actually like sailing. Naturally, we're not among them but we understand it. We have to admit sometimes we find it hard to explain to them why we like power. To each his own. Hope you keep enjoying your new home.

Ciao from Italia, Reed and Judy

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:
Reed and Judy, You are right. There is a friendly barb exchanging, competition if you will, of a small group of sailors here in Ushuaia vs the only stinkpot, friends of OPEC, etc. We treat each other with great disrespect while having dinner at each other's boats. This is, of course, all in fun AND a very short part of the evening. This has spilled over into VofE, however I was hoping at the time it was recognized for what it was: simply fun given the background of our friendships.

As far as sailboaters being the "best cruisers in the world", there is no question here. We powerboaters are ALL following in sailboaters wakes. Sailboaters have pioneered the way for all of us long distance power boaters giving us the guidelines for cruising the world. We push buttons or move a lever, they have to THINK. (Well, power boaters have to think a bit as well, sailboaters have to think a bit more to be more specific.)

Yes, Nordhavns and other ocean capable power boaters are expensive. VofE is directed toward the relatively small group of people who have or going to buy in the future of these small ships. We are trying to encourage them, after their due apprenticeship coastal cruising, to head offshore and enjoy what Egret and others are enjoying in the remote areas of the world. Now, if you look at the big picture of VofE it truly serves a group far greater than the small one we have targeted. In reality the far, far majority of readers of VofE are/or will be coastal cruisers, whether power or sail, for innumerable reasons. If we can encourage this far greater group to take to the water along with their long distance brothers, we have done our job and made the hours we spend on VofE worthwhile. VofE's singular goal, without venue, is to encourage boating as a means to enrich our lives.


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