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Richard, Atlanta, GA USA asks:
Scott - I really enjoy and appreciate your effort in documenting
your adventure!! You mention "TK, our Turkish built 110lb anchor". Could you provide some details on the anchor and the manufacturer's full name. Thanks.

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:
Richard, we are glad you are enjoying Voyage of Egret. Hopefully you can follow in time on your own little ship.

TK is a Turkish copy of the German Bugul. We don't know the Turkish manfacturer but they were available everywhere in our winter port of Marmaris, Turkey. Egret's previous main anchor was an 88lb Delta that had never failed. With the heavy kelp here in Argentina and later in Chile we need serious weight. The Bugul is an instant setting brute that turns well in wind/tide reversals. As always we are cautious with anything new. We did extensive anchor tests in the Greek islands with TK. The water there is clear with a white sand bottom so we could see the lack of drag and immediate setting checking straight pull first then turning 360 degrees with a hard pull. Mary was running the boat and I was over the anchor in the dinghy using a look bucket. TK pivots on its point and DOES NOT drag. Time and time again we found it buried to it's 'roll bar'.

We will have a batch of photographs arriving the States late January or early February. We can have a picture posted of TK on the Voyage of Egret website.

In the October issue of Passage Maker Magazine there was a mention of an American importer for the Bugul. There is also a New Zealand manfacturer of an easier deploying modified version of the Bugul, Manson Marine and Engineering at .

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