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Richard Maggs, Sarasota, FL asks:

Subject: Loose Furniture
Questions: In your last blog entry you feature a picture of Mary, looking so comfortable, sitting in 'your' chair with her feet resting on 'your' do you get along with loose furniture in your saloon and what system do you employ to secure it in rough weather. Thank you in anticipation of your reply and by the way you are getting me at least! Our time is just around the corner.

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:

Richard, it is a sad fact of life that Time catches up with us all whether planned or not. What you plan to do with Your Time and how early in life it comes is what counts. Congratulations on your decision. You'll see. The Ekornes chair and ottoman is a yachtie favorite. Larger N's typically have two. The chair has a large oval base and tends to stay put. In> rough beam seas is slides a bit but we find if we rest the> edge of the base on the carpet it stays in place. We> also added anti skid pads to the base. The chair has> never turned over nor the ottoman. In addition to the Ekornes it is yachtie tradition to buy Turkish carpets for your new floating home. The Turkish carpet in the picture of Mary came from Turkey but> it replaced a Turkish carpet we bought in the States. Egret has an Afgan carpet in the pilothouse and a Turkish> tribal carpet/runner in the master. Good luck to you.