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Richard Maggs, Sarasota, FL

Subject: Water Making

Hello Scott,

I see from the latest post (December 17, 2010) that you logged zero hours on your generator coming from Freemantle. Just curious, does your water maker run from the inverter?

Enjoy the big Cape Rollers, as we used to call them. I crossed the South Atlantic frequently, ex British Merchant Navy, round the Cape and to Port of Spain. I loved the motion; hope you all have a great crossing and pick up a couple of' big' albatrosses to keep you company.

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:

Richard, actually we ran the watermaker most legs from Fremantle to Accension Island. While at Ascension battery charging we topped off the water and had enough for the leg from Ascension to the Canaries. The watermaker runs off the generator only.

Egret's rounding the Cape of Good Hope was a calm weather affair. It couldn't have been easier with no issues. We stayed in Richards Bay until we had a giant window and left on the backside of the low pushing thru.