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Richard Maybin, Northern Ireland, GBR asks:
Subject: Indian Ocean Route
Scott, I am currently on board Spirit of Ulysses in New
Caledonia and intend to leave for Australia at the end of the month. My intention is to spend a few months in the Sydney/Pittwater area then travel up the east coast of Australia and leave to cross the Indian Ocean > from Darwin to Cocos Keeling and on to Mauritius in September/October 2011. My question is , did you consider this route and if so why did you decide to leave Australia from Fremantle ? I am curently trying to confirm that I can take on fuel in Cocos Keeling - do you know anything about the situation there?

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:
Scott Flanders on board Egret responds: Richard, we wanted to do the trip in a single year starting in mid December from New Zealand. Tasmania was the draw for us more so than the east coast and around the top of Oz. Perhaps if we had started from New Cal we would take the same route as you. I believe there is fuel in Cocos Keeling but I don't know for sure. I would do a search and a Google search as well. Shell is a big supplier in the islands so you could check them also.

One consideration in your cruising, the Darwin area isn't that interesting but around the corner in the Kimberly region the scenery is spectacular. There are very large tides you have to work carefully and crocks in the tidal areas. A group of boats left Fremantle on a round about trip to South Africa from Fremantle and enjoyed the Kimberlies. They too went to Bali, Cocos, Chagos and down to Mauritius. Most are heading to Richard's Bay, SA from Reunion.

Take care and enjoy your trip.