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Rick MacClure, Gold Coast, AUS asks:
My wife and I have been following your travels from the get go, what a great trip. Its good to hear that you are getting closer to our neck of the woods (Australia) your information on the pacific Islands will be read with great interest. In your last blog I read that you consult a web site for Power Boat Cruisers in the Pacific, could you please forward me the web site. Many thanks and welcome to down under. Rick

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:
Rick, My information came from N55, New Paige. When I called to find out the website after receiving this Forum request I found he was following threads from 'puddle jump' boats (individual boats). My mistake, we don't have a singluar website address.

Thanks, the trip has been beyond our expectations. It isn't rocket science and nothing you can't do yourself if you wish.

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